Eco printing – part one

I attended a workshop on Saturday run by Sheila Smith for the regional members of IFA. We were asked to press a small amount of plant material the night before and come armed with paper and cardboard cut to the correct size for the steamers.

After soaking the papers we laid out our plant material in paper sandwiches.


Put it between the cardboard and trussed it up ready for steaming.


Obviously the best bit is cutting it open to see what’s been achieved. The wild poppy leaf (top right) didn’t give such a strong print but the others worked well.



Bottom left is from a geranium and bottom right is from beech leaves. I have both the green and copper beech trees and you can see I got different colours from each leaf. I’ll definitely use both of these again. The following papers are from the other workshop participants.








Aren’t they all wonderful. This could be the end of the process or you could go on to do more with the papers, I already have an idea for mine so perhaps you’ll see that in another post.

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  1. Hi Angela,

    these look brilliant, next time you’re eco printing, try getting hold of Eucalyptus leaves, especially if your can get 2 or 3 different types, they all give something different, also red and brown onion skins and Continus leaves. A sprink of tea leaves gives a great effect too.


  2. Thanks Anita. I did use green and purple Cotinus on my fabric and red and brown onion skins but sadly, no eucalyptus. Friends gardens will be the next to be denuded. x

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