Eco Printing – Part two

After the initial experiments on paper we moved onto cotton and silk chiffon. We laid out lining paper then the damp mordanted cotton, followed by the vegetation.


As you can see, I went for more is more on the basis that I’d cram as many leaves as possible on to gauge how well they worked. On top of the leaves we put the damp silk chiffon and on top of that, simple copier paper.

IMG_1676 - Copy

Above is the copier paper after steaming, you can see I got a lovely print from it. Below is the print onto cotton, came out well didn’t it?


The section below shows prints from 3 different types of roses.


Geranium leaves worked well and if you’re wondering what the darker spots are, that’s onion skins.


Silk chiffon is a more open weave fabric so it’s harder to see the design but it’s definitely there.


Close up from the silk chiffon.


The remainder of the photos are of other people’s work but there are some great prints so I really wanted to show them.


Blackberry leaves worked well in the one above.





The pink comes from pieces of beetroot – we all know how difficult that is to remove when spilled on clothes! Once I’ve felted up the silk chiffon I’ll show you what it looks like.

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  1. This is so cool!! I have a daughter doing textile design at art college in Dundee. I have to show her this – I know she’ll be inspired. Lovely stuff.

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