It’s been a blast making this backpack, just working with all these lovely colours has made me very happy 🙂 🙂



I love the colours, I love that the stripes go in different directions and I love the colours. Handstitched with a variegated wool yarn and then felted.




I love the buttons, the bottom of the bag gives me particular pleasure and did I mention, I love the colours. Bright blue inside with an interior pocket as well as one on the outside. It’s quite cute as you can see.


Modelled beautifully by my daughter Charlotte 🙂

p.s. Did I mention I love the colours?


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  1. OOOh Angela – I love the colours! Random rainbowness right up my street! I LOVE the colours! Details are so cool, amazing textured rainbow…..looks absolutely fantabulous!
    Ali x
    PS I love the colours! 😉

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