Pleated bag workshop

We had a great time at yesterdays workshop despite the awful weather outside and a bit of a late start (sorry people). It was at St.Peter’s Church Hall in Addingham, which is a new venue for me and I was very relieved that everyone found it okay.

I tried to take a few pictures of work in progress but my hands were so wet and slippy that only this one was usable.


It’s just wonderful to see the fibres laid out like a great big fluffy pillow, shame they can’t still look like that after felting. We were up to the wire finishing yesterday and I don’t have pictures of all the bags as some people escaped before I had chance for the photo shoot. However, the one below is by Penny and is her first ever piece of wet felting, so well done Penny, give her a round of applause.


The next is by Sandra and we were particularly pleased with how the handle turned out. There was a length of pre-felt leftover which we put a little extra fibre on the reverse then rolled up and felted for a handle. It’s made a sturdy handle and as it’s the same felt as the main bag it blends in beautifully. In fact, I think these mottled greys show off the pleats exceptionally well.


Zoe was a star, being happy to model her bag for us. It has a very useful cross body long strap and is a very practical size.


How about a close up?


As soon as I have photos of the other bags I’ll share them with you 🙂

Edited to add pictures of Julia’s bag

Julia’s work was lovely and to me had a vintage feel to the finished felt. She created a messenger bag with a gussett so it’s very roomy. The line of bright pink was an inspired choice.

I like the mainly plain handle with just s splash of colour.
Part of the leftover felt was used to make bead as a fastening.
And with the last vestiges Julia made a mobile phone pocket!   Thanks for sharing Julia.

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