The finished item

I promised to show you the pleated bag once it was finished so here it is. If I was to make this again I would make one or two changes to the template making it larger and changing the sweep of the outline as I’d like it to be wider and deeper.  Shown below is the bag with the source of the inspiration.


And a side view.


The interior fibres were completely smothered with mulberry silk tops ensuring a smooth and lustrous interior. I’m not sure that you can see it that well in the shot below but either it didn’t shine or it reflected the light too much.


This was fun to do and if I had time there are now three more ideas jostling in my head desperate to be released. However, they’ll have to wait patiently behind the backpacks and wraps which are already queueing.


This is just one of the bags I’ll be using for inspiration in my workshop tomorrow. I hope they’ll like it.

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