A little spinning

When I’m short of time or I’m tired and I want something soothing to do I pick up my spindle. I don’t need to watch what my hands are doing, I can watch TV and the rhythm of the work is very restful whilst still being productive.

This is just off my spindle.


It’s a lovely Merino blend weighing only 64g. I’ve managed to spin 233m at 16 wraps per inch which is about a 3 ply. Definitely one of the finest yarns I’ve spun.

Currently on my spindle is some very soft Blue Faced Leicester in oatmeal, black and lilac. This time I’m practising spinning a thicker yarn.


Just for a change I’m spinning this in various lengths of single colours so it should look very interesting when plied. Now I must confess that I may have succumbed to the charms of a further two spindles recently so I’ll take some shots soon and share them with you.

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