Backpack 2

This backpack was finished in early October, when the weather was good I didn’t have time for photos and when I had time the light was dreadful. Finally, I decided I just had to take photos or you may never see it.


Created in a lovely Merino blend from Adelaide Walker called Moorland it has one internal and one external pocket. I thought a contrasting interior colour would be nice but I’m not so sure I like this now it’s finished. What I do like is a lighter colour on the inside as it helps me to see to find things – must be my age.


It fastens with a home made cord and a button from my stash.


On my previous backpack I adjusted the handles by means of a buckle, this time I’ve chosen to put loops on the bottom and just tie the handles on at the correct length. I like the extra feature this makes.


The backpacks were made as examples for the workshop I ran last month where i had a problem with taking photos – I forgot. Fortunately I have received these photos of Sue’s finished backpack to share with you.


A plain white was laid down for the interior and a mix of black and dark grey carded for the exterior which give it movement. What I absolutely love though is the contrasting plain black handles. Good job Sue.


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