Wrap workshop

We had absolutely foul weather for this workshop, with people unable to attend due to floods and we had a leak in the hall. Despite this we also had a brilliant day with some stunning wraps produced. They were still wet when I took the photos so not looking their absolute best but, still stunning.


I believe the one above is by Sheila who used Koala merino on a purple and black devore base.


The white one is by Zoe who also found time to start a flower corsage to finish it off.


This delightful one is by Sandra who used Lavender merino on a white devore base. If you look below you can see the great texture that using devore produces.


Bright purple on a purple and black base – yum!


Black Merino behind the turquoise and black devore with a peacock merino frill.


I thought you might like to see it reversed. It’s the work of Kathryn 🙂


I believe this one is by Alison and my sincere apologies if I’ve got that wrong.



Aren’t they all wonderful! I get so excited when it comes to the end of the day and pieces are revealed, it gives me such a buzz.

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