New Year

It’s traditional at this time of year to review the past year and to ponder on the one ahead. We’re encouraged to make resolutions and to start afresh. As a child and young adult I always did this and was then disappointed when I inevitabley failed to achieve the long list I’d set myself. Then one year I decided my resolution was to never make another new year’s resolution and I love the sense of achievement that this gives me each year!

this little chap has just spent his 58th Christmas hanging on a tree!
this little chap has just spent his 58th Christmas hanging on a tree!

Instead, what I tend to do is when a lull comes along in my busy life I use it to do a very quick review. Kind of look at my path and readjust my heading a little rather than trying to do it all in one go. I enjoy these little interludes, they often only last a few minutes, perhaps ten or fifteen, as I laze in bed a little longer than usual, but I find them regenerating rather than burdensome. Attainable rather than difficult, that’s what works for me.

a goodly number for this one too

We did a lot of shows, as part of Adelaide Walker, last year and decided in November that there were 3 we wouldn’t bother with in 2016. It might not sound much but it’ll be 3 more weekends to spend with our Daughter before she flies the nest. As she heads towards 19 I’m not sure how much she’s looking forward to the extra time together 🙂

a present from my Daughter

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  1. Lovely post 🙂 Cam is 17 but I suspect he may be around a little longer…… boys eh! Our house is sweetly scented by hyacinths so looking at your pink one – it comes ready scented!

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