Oh my!

You may remember that I was lucky enough to win the giveaway by The Skep Knitting and Quilting Shop last year and I duly toddled along to see what goodies I could find. There was a pair of wrist warmers on display in a lovely deep purple Debbie Bliss wool and I was smitten. The wool came with a free pattern called wandering cables so I was all set to go.

It’s a really easy pattern and as I decided to have them shorter it wasn’t very long before they were finished. With excitement I stitched them together with my newly learnt mattress stitch which gives an excellent join. I put them on and then oh no, realised that as I’d given the top and bottom of the wrist warmers different size ribs I’d actually sewed one up wrong.


It was no good I couldn’t live with it, I got out my scissors and snipped at the join, oh drat, I cut through one of the stitches not just the seam and it began to unravel. My rescue skills aren’t great so I went for completely unpicking it and starting again.

This left me somewhat disheartened and the project languished. In the spirit of finishing things I eventually picked it up again and soon had a brand new wrist warmer. I checked and double checked where to put my thumb hole and was pleased as punch when it was done.


I tried them on, bugger! I’d forgotten that I’d done the first set on 5mm needles and so had done the second one on 6mm – it’s too sloppy – wail!!!!  Perhaps I can live with it I tell myself, but you know what I don’t think I can 🙁

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  1. Oh dear what a tortuous journey! Perhaps you could re-sew the sloppy one (without unravelling it!) and make a bigger seam to pull it in a bit!!?? They do look lovely and cosy though. You are not alone in these disasters. I turned a pair of trousers up before Christmas and when I’d finished I had the new hem turned up onto the outside on one leg!! You’re right I couldn’t live with that, so the air turned blue and I redid it!

  2. Third time lucky? They do look lovely though – you won’t be happy til they are right 🙂
    My waistcoat that I am knitting is in ‘three pieces’ – one back and two fronts – agreed? So in theory, three pieces to knit. I am at present knitting a front panel for the third time….. So already I’ve knitted 5 pieces…

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