Seat pad

Do you ever find wooden chairs cold to sit on? I do, they’re cold to sit on and hard for the derriere if you’re sat there any length of time. The obvious answer is to make a cover for them which I did do some time ago from part of my stash but the family didn’t like them and they were always slipping off.


I made a seat cover for my daughter’s new drawers and was fortunate to have some leftover foam – 2″ thick so nice and comfy. The lining cover is created from an old sheet which had an irreparable rip down the length of it – don’t ask!


It would have been a very quick project if I’d used the sewing machine but I really felt like having a simple soothing project to work on at night. I’ve always enjoyed hand sewing so this is what I decided to do for the cover. Every stitch by hand.


Every stitch hand stitched, both layers of covering. The exterior fabric was made from a piece of upholstery fabric that I bought for £1 at the Fent Shop in Skipton. Some of the fabric was used to make a bag so it’s been £1 well spent and the seat is very comfortable and has the family seal of approval.

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