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We didn’t book any wool shows this summer and so have had a couple of days at weekends to ourselves! Our daughter was off doing her own thing and we just wanted somewhere for a wander. First we chose Selby. We don’t actually live that far away and were slightly surprised to discover neither of us had ever been.

If you have time, spend an afternoon there. It was a little unprepossessing as we entered but the further into town we pressed the more we liked it. By a happy coincidence we arrived during the food festival, such a hardship to try a few delights. The centre is busy as it has high street shops, supermarkets, market and some of the more usual out of town stores all in the one small area. Selby has a monday market and has done so since the 14th century!

Most of all it has a stunning abbey that is decorated with a sumptuous amount of wood carving inside, really worth a look. It also has the Washington Window, the model for the american flag. Yep, America’s flag was inspired by a Yorkshire window, I never knew.

Last weekend we went closer to home with a visit to Burnley. Nothing remarkable to report although it does have a real mix of buildings and I do like that the market is in the centre of town. Meandering back we called into Nelson which had some lovely floral arrangements, many of them made up of perennials of which I heartily approve.


I loved this rusty metal sculpture of a shuttle. A testament to the town’s history as a mill town.


It has textured glass in the centre representing yarn. It was a pleasant spot. Finally we called into Colne which I have been to fairly recently. Each time I visit there are changes, new shops, improvements and the sunny weather helped too. There’s a great secondhand bookshop in the market run by the Samaritans. We may have had a little splurge, just the seven books. It’s been nice to wander round towns close to home and nice that we undertook it child free, it’s good training for next month when Charlotte plans to leave for university.

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  1. We have similar plans in place when Cam’s results hopefully give him what he needs to go to uni too. His younger brother is also feeling apprehensive about his departure – bit unsettling at the moment but for all the right reasons x

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