Ups and downs

The last week has been a week of ups and downs. On Wednesday I had a puncture which made me late for work, meant I had to call Simon out to help me and cost me to replace the tyre of course.

Thursday was a much much better day. It was A level results day and over the last couple of months Charlotte had moved from wanting specific grades to just wanting to know. These days they can log on to the UCAS website from 8am and discover whether they’ve been accepted at university. At 7.57am a bedroom door was flung open and there was a thunder of feet down the stairs.

Don’t ask me how I knew, I just knew it was happy thundering. Charlotte has been accepted to study photography at Falmouth University and we couldn’t be more pleased for her or more proud of her. Knowing she had a place at her favoured uni was a big weight lifted but we still had to trip into college to learn what her actual grades were. It was a good trip, lots of happy people and the chance for Charlotte to say goodbye to her favourite teachers. In no time at all (two weeks on Saturday!!) Charlotte will be off on the next stage of her life, it’s so exciting.

Friday was a downer 🙁 Our cat Tatty was diagnosed with lymphoma last month and we said goodby on Friday. Being a mad dark tortie she was quite a character who made more of an impact than her size would lead you to expect. Her astounding hearing, she could hear the fridge door open even whilst asleep on a bed,  was legendary and alerted the other cats to the possibility of food. Once Tatty arrived and started yelling for food (seriously, it was very loud)  the other cats would similarly follow and I’d have four underfoot in no time at all. Now Tatty isn’t with us I open the fridge door and no-one comes, I don’t even have one cat keeping me company whilst I cook, it’s strangely quiet.


Then yesterday, we got the keys to our new premises for Adelaide Walker. It’s going to be a mad dash this week to get it prepared so that we can move in over the weekend. And so a new chapter begins for us too. If you’d like to see more then you can keep up to date with progress on facebook.

Amongst all these goings on I have been working on a couple of commissions so will have something to show you soon.

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  1. good news, sad news, exciting news – it is all happening – so sorry about Tatty, I know that empty feeling when you loose a furry shadow – sending you hugs. Well done C! Congratulations 🙂 We have similar goings on here too, my C is off to Lancaster to do Environmental and earth Sciences – scary stuff!
    Hope the move goes well and smoothly xxxx

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