More bits for uni

I was a little surprised when Charlotte asked for shopping bags as I hadn’t thought about it. We delved into my fabric stash and she chose the fabrics below.


They’re brighter and more patterned than I expected her to choose, especially as she’s into quite a neutral palette at the moment. Being in a making mood and having sone calico left over from the cat shopping bag I made, I thought I’d make a diary cover.


It’s a cheap academic diary on the inside. Unlike the cats, which were filled in with lots of circles, I chose to use the machine like a pencil and bring all the lines down the silhouette of the penguin as I felt it suited it better. Being in a rush I just put the fabric straight under the machine and set off working. Obviously, that wasn’t a great idea and the whole thing wrinkled so I gave myself a slap on the wrist for my impatience, cut a new piece of fabric, set it into a hoop and started again. Much better.


I’m extremely pleased with how it turned out and Charlotte thinks it ”cute’ so everyone’s happy.

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  1. Followed the link from Hawthorn’s post to see what you have been making for Charlotte. They are lovely. I think it is easier to make for girls than boys. xx

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