Woodland pots 2

Earlier in the week I showed you the first two pots I made with Midsummer Night’s Dream in mind. Two pots is good but I really felt it needed a third to complete the set and obviously it needed to be larger still. It’s actually the largest pot I’ve worked on in quite a while but I shrank it so far that you wouldn’t believe it.


I used the same wool and embellishments as the other two and had originally envisaged tree like branches coming up off the pot into the air. That really didn’t work for me so I went instead for some cuts into the pot. Cutting is quite unusual for me, it’s not something I really like to do to felt but on this occasion, I haven’t minded and even wondered if I should have done them larger.



Adding further embellishment in the form of bead and stitch is something I will probably do but I won’t be rushing it. Time to sit, ruminate and approach with caution as I feel it needs to be done with a light hand and just the right beads. Perhaps I’ll have to source some new beads 🙂  The inside of the two larger pots are lined with crystal organza but I was unable to capture the sheen with my camera.


The third pot really completes the family doesn’t it? Even when these have been embellished I have other ideas to work on with this theme one of which is a felt skirt, wish me luck.

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  1. I live in the U.S. and cannot find any tutorials for this type of embellishment on wet felted pots. Do you have any resources you can share so i can learn this technique? Absolutely beautiful! I am just now learning the process of wet felting as i have purchased three black shetland sheep and look forward to buying other colors in the near future. I have learned how to scour raw fleece and needle felt landscapes with my purchased white raw fleece that i dye.. I am officially hooked! 🙂 thanks so much…your tutorial for nuno felting scarves is wonderful! Ordered some silk scarves to experiment with those!

  2. Hi Lucy, It’s just a form of nuno. I layout the fibres for my pot then put my embellishments on top and felt as usual. You will need to rub quite well to help things attach. If some of it looks like it might come off during felting – leave it on! – you’ll be amazed at how much will actually stay even when it looks like it won’t. Anything which is not secure at the end can be caught down with a stitch or bead. It’s all about the experimentation so don’t be afraid to play and good luck. Angela

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