It’s been a busy few weeks, we moved premises with Adelaide Walker, our daughter went off to university and it was Yarndale this weekend. I wouldn’t say we were rushing about up to the last minute but we only finished packing an hour before we had to leave to set up!

I recently made a poncho and wanted something to wear this weekend however, I decided the poncho was too long and would actually be in the way whilst we were working. Somehow I managed to make the time to create a second shorter, asymetrical poncho.


Not a brilliant photo but the only one I currently have. It was much admired and stroked and had loads of very nice comments. Working at the show means not much time to look around but we managed a quick stroll before opening time on Sunday morning. I leave you now with my favourite photo from the show – Vulcan


3 Replies to “Yarndale”

  1. So glad I managed to see you, I found the day incredibly busy, struggled to get in to the booths to see anything, ended up leaving early. Hope you had a successful weekend! Will get in touch some time, want to see the new shop!xx

  2. Hi Angela,
    it was lovely to see you again, albeit briefly. I hope you had a successful sales weekend. I love catching up with people I know, though as Kate alludes to above, I found Saturday too busy and left earlier than planned. Glad I saw you though,

  3. It was lovely to see you both and glad I managed to say hello ast least! Sunday at Yarndale is usually the quieter day and better for browsing should you decide to visit next year. x

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