Big Textile Show

I was working at the Big Textile Show last weekend on behalf of Adelaide Walker and thought you might like to see one or two highlights from the exhibition part of the show.

There were a number of stunning quilts there but I couldn’t get far enough away from most of them to take a whole quilt picture so this will have to do.


I like pieced quilts but prefer whole quilts as it’s the actual quilting stitches which make it for me. The work here is stunning.


This delicate work, The Swallow’s Flight by Gill Green, really appealed to me.



The Green Man by Sue Walsh was my absolute favourite, I think it’s absolutely super work in felt. Not surprisingly, it wasn’t for sale but I’d have loved it if it had been.


It was the colours which drew me to this piece by Helen Brewin, entitled October, November, December.



More texture. This is silk paper cutwork by a member of Lutterworth Embroidery Guild. the detail drew me in and as we sell the carded cocoon strippings for silk paper making it was very good to see some finished work using the same material.


This was abviously a guild challenge where, inspired by the photo above, members each took a segment and worked on it in their own way.


Below are three sections which grabbed my interest. I seemed to go for the particularly textural sections, what a surprise!




The one above makes me want to run my fingers over it, strictly forbidden of course. I was captivated by this sock knitting machine below, seen on a trader’s stand.


She had three machines there with the oldest dating from 1927. The one above was set up for members of the public to have a go which I duly did. The hand crank turned so easily and it fair glided round quickly building up the rows, it was much much quieter than the machine knitting machines I remember from my younger days. Best of all though was the design of the machine, all those moving parts and beautiful looking attachments, I’d give it house space just for the look of it.

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