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I was at Harrogate at the weekend working as part of Adelaide Walker selling tops for felt making, spinning and arm knitting. Arm or extreme knitting is a recent thing and it’s very popular and seemed to appeal to the men too as I taught two of them to knit on Sunday.

The real joy of the show though is the exhibits and the guild demonstrations. Some of the exhibitors ask you not to take photographs but here are a few choice ones that I was allowed to take.


Interlace – cloth and concrete bowls which were absolutely delightful and looked amazing en masse.



The two works above are by Jan Beaney and are featured in the book Embellish and Enrich. Loved the texture!


Sluice Creek Cloth:  Sea Roar by Debbie Lyddon. The flow and calmness of the piece appealed to me.


I love circles but the colours also appealed to me, this is Trapped by Sarah Welsby. Below is the photo which inspired a piece by the Embroiderers Guild. I just love these kinds of textiles where each person takes a segment and interprets in their own way then it’s put back together as a whole.


The finished textile below.


wp_20161127_09_34_04_pro wp_20161127_09_34_19_pro

Isn’t it absolutely glorious, so much work and so much yummy texture. Must have a go sometime.

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  1. Sorry we missed that gorgeous work in your final set of photographs. There was so much to see and all most impressive and inspirational. It was a lovely day, thank you.

  2. You were most welcome to the tickets. The piece you missed was in the centre of the room rather than on a wall so perhaps that’s why it passed you by.

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