Christmas wrapping

If I have the time I like to make presents look really nice and this year decided I’d print up some paper to use on family presents. Charlotte loves black and white photos so I took monochrome as my theme.

I love printing onto brown paper and I did a whole roll! Some sections are white, some black, some black and white and some grey. Most of the stamps used came free with magazines donkeys years ago and the paint was leftover from previous art projects. The acrylic white was so ‘left over’ that I had to thin it and remove the lumps before I could use it!

We also have a tadition of being a bit silly with the presents, joke presents, ones you can’t open and this year the largest tag I could find on the smallest present I had to wrap.

What have you been up to?


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  1. Angela, they all look great! I never get around to doing it, though I often think about doing it….. I’m sure time passes by more quickly the closer you get to Christmas and I always run out! Hats off to you. Have a happy and healthy 2017. Sue xx

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