Keeping busy

Our daughter loves to be kept busy and I thought I’d share with you a few of the items she’s recently finished.

We didn’t have a kit to hand so I quickly designed this for her on a scrap of aida, it was completed with cottons from my stash. Very peaceful colours.

This was from a kit supplied by her Gran. Vibrant colours but as it’s not to her taste it’ll be going to the charity shop to find another home.

I chose the colours for this blanket last winter and it sits very well with the other crocheted items in our living room. Charlotte made a special effort to complete this before her return to university and we’re glad she did as it’s so snuggly.


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  1. I love your pictures of the Cow and Calf and Pendleton. Wondering if you will be doing a workshop on this sort of needle felting in the future?

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