Woodland pots 3

You may remember these pots from an earlier post or two. This is part of the work I’ve created for the misummer night’s dream theme we were working to at Metaphor.

I was extremely pleased with them at the time but I did wonder whether or not to stitch into them. It seemed an impossible decision with opinion divided on the question. in the end I did the only sensible thing and walked away returning some time later to decide that actually I’d give it a go.

Once I’d started I couldn’t stop!

Do you love it? I do, it makes me so happy and my heart sing.

Just looking at them again now makes me want to do more.

I was worried about boring you so I haven’t even added all the 17 photos here but they are all in an album on my facebook page for those who’d care to take a look. Oh, go on then, just one more 🙂


4 Replies to “Woodland pots 3”

  1. OOh Angela love, LOVE, LoVe your stitched pots – so beautiful – lots to explore and enjoy! Fab textures colours, so many fluffy and shiny notes!
    Ali x

  2. These pots are fabulous. The colours sing out and totally transform the original ones without stitching. Lovely woodland colours as well as looking very tactile. I don’t know where all your creative ideas come from!!

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