Armley Mills – Part 1

My local region of the International Feltmakers Association (IFA) is working on a collaboration with Amley Mills, Leeds Industrial Museum. In spring last year we visited the museum and I came away inspired to create a piece which incorporated the processes of a wool mill with use of as many museum resources as possible.

I wanted to follow the wool through washing, spinning, weaving and felting and to record the journey on a camera from the museum archives. My daughter Charlie was inveigled into wielding the cameras. I say cameras because she used both the Kershaw analog ( it was a Leeds company) and a digital camera for the job.

This was only possible because the museum staff were so co-operative. The cameras on show in the museum couldn’t be used for fear of damaging them but one was found in the archives. Charlie was quite excited to be allowed to handle it especially as we’d never before heard of this local brand.

There isn’t room in these few posts to share all the photos that were taken but as a thank you to Charlie for all her work we did buy her a Kershaw King Penguin of her own.





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