Armley Mills – Part 10

I thought you might be interested in a few photos from my work book for the project  it will go on display at the mill.

The front is cut from a sheet of paper that I printed at the same time as the silk for the main piece.

Samples and more of the paper printing. The fabrics were left over from the nuno felting, silk on the left, silk chiffon on the right.

Images being off the straight really appealed to me and then I went completely the opposite way with the spun samples below where I ruled a line across first to make sure they’d be straight.

The samples are my favourite pages. The yarns don’t hang straight as I ran out of time to wash and dry them and had to use many straight off the spindle, hey ho.  It’s the end of my Armley Mills series, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you haven’t then it’ll be a change of topic tomorrow to look forward to!


2 Replies to “Armley Mills – Part 10”

  1. It’s been lovely to see the creative journey of your work for Armley Mills and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your ‘series’. You are so creative. I look forward to seeing your pieces in the exhibition.

    I was unable to complete mine due to a family bereavement but am very interested in seeing what everybody else has done.

  2. What a shame you didn’t get to complete yours Deborah, when you get the chance you should complete it for yourself. Hope to catch up with you at the exhibition


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