Armley Mills – Part 8

The final reveal. Do I like it? Yes and no. I’m very pleased with the number of processes that it incorporates and the learning journey I experienced to create it. The design is unsophisticated but given this was all about the process  that shouldn’t be a surprise.

To sum up:

Wool used – Blue Faced Leicester, Dorset Horn, Jacob, Whitefaced Woodland.

Processes used – spinning, weaving, felt making, printing and stitching.

Unsurprisingly my title for this piece is ‘Wool’ and you’ll be able to see it on display at Armley Mills  from 14/4 to 22/10. The exhibition is called “Wool Stories – The Felted Mill” and will feature work from more than twenty felt makers.  Remember the printed wallpaper block? I’ll tell you next what happened to that.



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