‘Wool’ pot

I had a little bit of printing left after my Armley Mills pieces were made and felt inspired to make a pot with them.

You can see I’ve cut round the shape of the letters, the plan being to shape the rim of the pot in the same way.

The word is repeated on the other side too but in a different font and true to form, I forgot to take another photo during laying out.

This huge O and fancy L are my favourite letters. The font on the other side was so large it was difficult fitting it all on.

I used silk paj printed and felted onto Blue Faced Leicester. I did consider embellishing the pot but wasn’t sure and allowed myself to be convinced to leave it plain. Sometimes less is definitely more.

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  1. Very cool! I think you’re right…less is more! I’ve been experimenting with silk and stitching as well. I live how the silk takes on it’s own form.

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