It’s been so long

It’s been so long since I posted and life has continued to happen but for some reason I’ve not had the energy. Some days energy levels are low and others non existent ,Β  so far tests have revealed nothing and the doctor’s current theory is it’s related to menopause – joy πŸ™

Have I made felt? yes. Have I done any other textiles? yes but I just haven’t found the energy to talk about it and the longer I’ve stayed away the harder it’s been to come back. There’s so much I’ve wanted to say / show you and it’s been bugging me but I’ve decided the only way to get back is to not worry about what I haven’t said / shown. In the fullness of time some things may appear but others you may never see. I’m making a concerted effort to blog and try and get myself back in the swing of things.

Charlotte is back off to university next week, she’s passed her driving test and will be more mobile but the homesickness has never gone away and she’s not really looking forward to returning. Falmouth is such a long way away! One way to deal with it is to nest like mad so there may be a blog about floor cushions on it’s way, you have been warned. However, custard creams will make an appearnace before then!


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