I haven’t shown you a work in progress for ages. Under the bed I used to have 4 banana boxes full of yarns and textiles awaiting ‘projects’. Through good use and a firm attempt to remove some of the rubbish, coupled with all the squares I’ve crocheted for Japan, this is now down to 3 boxes and I’m aiming for 2.It’s really not possible to eradicate the stash entirely.

This is a box of Shetland wool yarns which need using up. No good for baby blankets as it’s far too scratchy so I’ve commenced on a project for myself.

So far, I think it’s looking rather scrummy and will show you pics as soon as it’s finished. This time, Hubby likes the colours so much I think this one will definitely be staying. It’s not so much crochet he deoesn’t like I think as much as granny square crochet. This is all plain treble stitch. As the yarn is fine I’m working with two together and it’s producing fab colours (mostly!).

I’m still going to have rather a lot left so if you’ve any ideas for future projects, suggestions on a postcard please or you could just leave a comment.