Goodness me it’s been so long since I wrote a blog post! I don’t intend to pop in here very often, you’ll find most activity on my Instagram and FaceBook pages, this is just a flying visit to let you know I intend to restart workshops hopefully as soon as next month.

There will be felt making included but I’ll also be teaching drop spindle spinning, beginners wheel spinning and beginners rigid heddle weaving. Keep an eye on social media for details and I’ll get the booking page up on this site as soon as possible.

Oh my …….

I know I said I wouldn’t be posting very often but I didn’t mean this infrequently! So much has been going that I don’t think I can even remember it all to tell you so here are a few edited highlights.

Our daughter Charlotte graduated from Falmouth University. We’re so proud of her and it was a memorable occasion, a really nice sunny day with a carousel!

We visited Helsinki on holiday and stumbled across a felt exhibition!

I’ve been playing with indigo and rust.

Next I will have to combine the two but in the meantime I’ve also been playing around with a felt pot that I made some time ago. I don’t know why I was dissatisfied but I really just wanted to add more to it. What do you think now?

I’m also a great aunt for the fourth time. I have of course crocheted another baby blanket. It looks a simple pattern and it is a simple pattern yet I had trouble keeping it on track and had to keep making adjustments. Oh well, the baby won’t mind any imperfections.

Armley Print Fest

Tomorrow, Saturday 30th March, I’m exhibiting at Armley Print Fest at Leeds Industrial Museum. I find one way of finding time to make new work is to commit to exhibiting. If you’re in the area please come along and say hello. There’s 20 artists exhibiting, print demonstrations and a film.

It’s been a little stressful as my day job at Adelaide Walker is so very busy but I have enjoyed spending time on my creative practice. I’ve lots of new things to show you as I work to combine print and felt. First up are these printed silk scarves, you’ll notice there’s no fibre on them and that’s because, on this occasion, I didn’t feel the scarves needed anything else.

Block printed

Welcome to …….

Welcome to my updated website. I started work on this last year or to be more accurate, Hubby did. I don’t know what the problem was with getting it finished, perhaps I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but it’s taken longer than expected.

This year I’m taking a break from running workshops to focus on developing my own practice. Currently I’m working a lot in white or black and white and now the website has changed I’ll try and show you some of the new work.

I won’t be blogging very often but I’m aiming, in the next few days, to show my latest Facebook updates on the right hand side to help keep you informed of activities and if you have Instagram you can find me on there too.

Hubby, aka Simon Battersby Consulting, has done a great job, any typos, missing bits etc. will be down to me so do let me know if anything doesn’t look right.

Sofa repairs

It’s over the Christmas break that I seem to find time to have a go at something that’s been bugging me for a while. This year it was the sofa which has sustained terrible damage from one of the cats, right down to the wood on both corners.

I patched it up first with some hand made felt to cover the wood and bring the level back up to the same as the rest.

It doesn’t look pretty at this stage but no matter, you won’t see it when I’ve done.

It’s a big improvement isn’t it?  Hand crocheted madalas using yarn from my stash and then stitched on.

The sofa is 26 years old but it was only these areas of upholstery which needed attention. I saw the idea on facebook and am so glad I decided to give it a go, such an improvement and I’m thrilled with the result. Interestingly the hardest point was the time sat on the floor stitching them on!


Patchwork cushions

In September I assisted Charlotte in the making of two floor cushions for her room at uni. The fabric was bought from the 6 scraps for £5 bin at the Fent Shop in Skipton. All end of designer stuff and perfect for soft furnishings or tote bags.

I was allowed to cut strips, do the maths and press all the seams. Not bad for our first attempt at patchwork and they’re well loved and used.



University nesting

Charlotte suffers quite badly from homesickness when she’s away at university and has found it helps to do a significant amount of ‘nesting’.  I thought I’d try and help.

I’m happy about this little piece of art. It’s hand embroidered on hessian which cameas free wrapping on one of our deliveries, it’s backed with leftover fabric from curtain making (free) and mounted onto a piece of cutoff MDF (free) from the joiners next door to us at work. Turquoise is one of her favourite colours.

There was sufficient hessian to make another tote bag and I think I might even squeeze a third one from it!!

The biscuit exchange

So, I teased you last time with this image.

Our girl has a healthy appetite and seemed to be constantly hungry when she went to university, the same was also true for some of her friends and one in particular. They had a group chat. The chat was often around being hungry (no surprise there) and swaps of biscuit resources were undertaken, The Biscuit exchange was born and the group chat relabelled.

I felt this should be celebrated with a tote bag to carry further supplies 🙂   The centre of the biscuit and the words are hand embroidered with the rest of the biscuit being drawn in with a sharpie. It’s gone down a storm 🙂 🙂

I made three other bags for her friends but sadly forgot to take photos. I will do better.