Time to panic?

It may well be time to panic. In less than two weeks it’ll be time for Art in the Pen show as Skipton cattle market. I really enjoy this show it always has fantastic exhibitors and it’s kind of fun to be in such an unusual venue. This year however, due to getting involved in the fibre business, I’ve been somewhat distracted and am not nearly as far on with preparations as I should be.

I’m not completely panicked yet but I can feel the level rising with each day. Sometimes you can have a really productive day felting and if that happens I’m sure it’ll turn it all around for me but in the meantime it’s  uncomfortable.

The good news is that if you’re anywhere near Skipton on Friday 12th you are cordially invited to the preview from 7-9pm. the show is open both Saturday and Sunday and at only £1 entrance fee it’s a great way to spend a few hours.

Wish me luck.

Art in the Pen

It was Art in the Pen last weekend and it was nice to see some familiar faces and to meet a few new ones. The event was well attended with a steady flow of visitors over the weekend keeping me busy demonstrating and talking about felt making.

I had a trauma on Saturday evening when I noticed that my art work which was mounted on boards was buckling and could no longer be left on display. It meant a complete change round of the display first thing on Sunday morning with my husband coming along to help dig me out of more trouble. What would I do without him? here’s a few photos of how the stall looked on Sunday. My favourite part of the display was the old piece of fencing on which we displayed the brooches – also my husband’s idea.

The quality of exhibitors was high and I’d like to introduce the work of Chris Rymer of Inside Out Wood Art. He makes beautiful wooden vases and bowls from old trees, the more diseased the wood the more interesting the final piece of work. If you’re chopping down any trees or shrubs and have branches of 3″ diameter or more, Chris would love to hear from you.

I hope next years show will be as good.

Art in the Pen

Today is the start of the Art in the Pen show at Skipton auction mart. Each of the artists sets out their wares in a cattle pen, a more unusual venue for art but somehow it works. It’s also the reason I haven’t blogged for the last few days as I’ve been doing the 101 things needed to get myself ready.

Tonight is preview night with the show opening to the public tomorrow. In addition to showing my new range of scarves I’ll also be demonstrating wet felt making. It seemed a good idea to do this show as it’s close to home and had previously been good for sales and for enticing people along to my workshops. Right now though, I’m wishing I hadn’t signed up for it as I’m actually more in holiday mode and don’t want to do work when I could be out playing with the family.

However that’s enough sulking from me, must go do more stuff. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when it starts, I usually do.

School’s Out!

No, I don’t mean my daughter is home for the holidays, I have finally finished all the work with the primary schools in Skipton. Some of you may have read that I sent two of the hangings back without taking photos but here for your delight are two which didn’t slip through the net.

As you may have guessed, the theme is World Cup. There was no way we could have avoided that theme this year. Each of the children involved from Greatwood Primary made a piece of pre-felt to their own design and then we put them all together to make one hanging.

The theme here is Global Awareness. Children at Parish Church school were invited to submit designs then we looked at which elements appeared time and time again and composed a hanging from those elements. Lots of teamwork to achieve this in a short space of time.

I think the children from all schools have done fantastic work and once I have them back for the Art in the Pen exhibition I’ll show you all six together.

2 down 4 to go

It’s been a very busy week as I’ve been out and about working with the six schools in Skipton, to produce felt wallhangings for display at Art in the Pen. This has been my first opportunity all week to blog and I hope you like what you see. First up is the work by year six children of St.Stephen’s Catholic School.

Culture is the theme to reflect that they have children from over ten countries in their school. Each child produced a picture and we made the winning entry as the wallhanging. The background has carded fibres and recycled sari silk fibres. Next up is the work by year five and six children from Ings Community Primary School.

You can probably guess the theme – seaside. The artwork was based on work they’d been doing around seaside and a trip to the beach on the previous day. We’ve incorporated pieces of fishing rope and broken glass found on the beach. Haven’t they all done well.

A busy week ahead

My daughter returns to school after the half term break tomorrow but there’ll be no sitting down for me. On Tuesday and Wednesday I’m attending a masterclass in feltmaking by Rutsuko Sakata. Rutsuko’s work is very different to mine and I’m really looking forward to learning new techniques.

Before I have chance to recover from this two day intensive training I’ll start work with six primary schools in Skipton to produce wall hangings in felt. I’ve been fortunate to be chosen to work with the Mart Theatre to deliver workshops to local schools. Each school will produce a wallhanging to their own theme (so far we have: culture, sense of place, sense of community, seaside, worldcup) which will be displayed at the Art in the Pen show in August and then at the premises of HML in Skipton. HML is the sponsoring company whithout which this project wouldn’t be happening. I hope to show you some of the children’s work over the next few weeks. It’s an exciting time.