Poppy bag workshop

So many poppies made in the last month and not just by me. Take a look at the beautiful poppy bags made on Saturday.


The majority of people had little or no felting experience so it’s a double achievement to have made such splendid pictorial bags.


Carol isn’t a bag person so chose instead to create two pictures onto which she will later stitch.


The poppies just glow don’t they. Mandy was at the workshop and happened to mention she’d been working on a needle felted nativity scene since September, aw, lovely we thought. Once we discovered she actually had it with her we insisted on an impromptu show and tell.


It’s still a work in progress and there are one or two more characters / animals to make an appearance but aren’t they just lovely? And so well felted.  As in the Shrek film, it was the donkey that stole the show.


Thank you Mandy Gordon for sharing these with us.

Bags of ideas

I’m running a bag workshop on Saturday 5th March and I thought people might like a few ideas of what type of bag can be made in a one day workshop. So here goes.

Now I’d like to introduce you to my latest creation. I had great fun making this bag and I think it shows. There’s a pocket on the outside and two more on the inside. I’ve included, pre-felts, fabric and yarns for extra texture plus a flower for decoration.

I love it and I’m going to have so much fun beading it up. The best bit is it’s made of old fibres which I’ve carded plus ends of yarn, scraps of fabric and leftover pre-felts so it feels as though I’ve been quite economical. Remember 5th March is the next bag workshop.

Wakefield Felting

This is my first chance to show you some of the stunning bags that were made at Wakefield last week.

Aren’t they wonderful. It never ceases to amaze me that everyone starts with the same basic materials but ends with such unique work. It was a large group of very friendly women and only two of them had ever made felt before, astonishing.

The day was organised by Sue, to whom many thanks are due. I received excellent directions from her husband, the venue was lovely and the lunch was superb. Everyone (except me) brought food along and it was shared by all. It’s the best lunch I’ve eaten for a very long time – thank you ladies. So if you fancy getting a group of friends together for a felting day and we can agree a date, I’d be delighted to travel to you.

Fab bags

Yesterday’s workshop was great fun with a really lovely bunch of people. As it was the first bag for everyone we kept it simple with basic shapes and integral handles.

I think the next step will be to run an advanced bag making day where we can explore internal and external pockets and different shapes. I’m sure I’d enjoy it too and thank you very much for helping to tidy away ladies.