Beach combing

We had a lovely day on Saturday at Formby Point. It was fine if a bit cold and we had soup and sandwiches in the sand dunes before commencing our beach combing. It was a fruitful day with several pieces of rusty corrugated metal, pieces of rusty pipe, shells, feathers and rope found and brought back with us.

formby-008 formby-009

I’ve got a bit of a thing about rust so I was very pleased to find the metal pieces. The solid rod will be used to suspend a wallhanging based on rust. Little pieces of the corrugated metal will be used on the hangings themselves. The rather lovely piece (longer than shown in the picture) with the triangular sections is to be mounted on the wall so I can use it as a trellis support for sweet peas.

A friend suggested mounting one of my surplus birds onto a piece of driftwood which the stump post most definitely is not. However, I think the post will look magnificent with a bird sat atop it. It could be quite awhile before it dries out though. I’m so lucky that my family, far from minding my obsession with beach combing, actually join in with me.