Meet Borge

A while ago I spun some Norwegian wool in grey, white and a very dark brown, I then spent some time pondering what to do with it and eventually it spoke to me, it told me it wanted to be a bear. I’ve never knitted a bear before but an easy pattern from Jeni helped me on my way and I set to.



Knitting it hasn’t been too difficult but I did have a little mishap with sewing up one of the legs with the result that Borge’s right leg has a bit of a club paw. Not sure what I did wrong but I’m sure my great niece won’t mind a bit.


The camera has picked out the eyes quite well but the truth was that the black eyes didn’t stand out from the dark brown until I used the white to highlight them. I’m quite pleased with how the variegated wool has worked out too. Borge has a dark stripe across his lower face which makes his muzzle stand out and stripes across his chest and tummy which make him look as though he’s wearing a striped jumper.

Borge is far from perfect but is quite good for my first ever bear and I’m pleased with him. His name? Norwegian of course, just like the wool I used.

Needle felt workshop

It was a fun day on Friday but isn’t it amazing how quiet four people can be when they’re really concentrating. It was well worth the effort though as I’m sure you’ll agree once you’ve seen the pictures.


Made entirely in Jacob wool isn’t this little bear by Penny adorable? First ever needle felting, actually, first ever felt, well done Penny.


This little devil by Sue certainly looks mischevious but is appealing at the same time. It’s a shame you can’t see his shaggy mane in this picture but the final photo shows it best.


This polar bear by Heather, made in Norwegian wool, looks quite distinguished with his Merino wool scarf. I believe the intention is to make him a fishing pole and possibly a fish to complete him.


This last one is by me and you can see that just by changing the angle of the arms he appears to be appealing to be picked up.


They make a wonderful group. What figures / animals would you most like to make in a workshop?

Meet Jacob

I have a needle felting workshop the day after tomorrow and I thought people might like to see what they’ll be making.


Jacob is made entirely of British Jacob wool.


He’s quite a splendid little chap about 5″ high. If you fancy making a Jacob of your own there’s still one place on the workshop.