Bergschaf vessel

I read about Bergschaf wool and how people liked making felt with it so when we got some in at Adelaide Walker I jumped at the chance to try it. Bergschaf is an Austrian sheep, 30  micron, short staple with a good crimp and comes in a carded batt. To be honest the wool has more vegetable matter in it than I’d like but I was ready to give it a go.


On Saturday 9th May I’m running  a vessel workshop at Wharfe Wool Fair so I thought I’d kill 2 birds with one stone by trying out the Bergschaf and making a sample at the same time.


As it’s a carded wool batt it’s very quick and easy to lay out which will make it easier for any new felters. I laid out two layers on each side and finished with some tussah silk on the centre top. It wasn’t very long before it was ready to come off the resist, another plus for anyone new to felting.


It’s quite a hairy wool which you can see has worked it’s way right through the silk but it makes a splendid vessel and was very quick to felt. Now it’s dry you can feel just how sturdy the felt is, I really rather like it and it’ll mkke beautiful hard wearing bags too. There’s still a few places on the workshop on Saturday if you’d like to come and try out this technique and this wool.