Double decker

Our bird table is very old, we removed the roof  some years ago because the strong winds kept blowing it over (not an easy task as it’s quite heavy) and had to drill drainage holes because it held the water. It finally started to disintegrate before our eyes and as it’s outside the kitchen window it meant it wasn’t a pleasant sight.

We decided to remove the old top and replace it with new wood and much to our surprise our Daughter agreed to do it with guidance from her Dad.


They made a good team with Hubby explaining what needed to be done and how but with Daughter doing all the work. I suspect her favourite part was the demolition of the old platform! Not satisfied with replacing just the old one, she also decided to add a second layer. It was very hot working yesterday but she stuck with it doing all the sawing, sanding and hammering herself.


I think it looks very smart and is certainly a great deal nicer to look at. Unfortunately the change of scenery seems to have put the birds off a little but I’m sure they’ll be back soon.