Baby blanket 2

I do hope my niece likes hand made goods for her baby when it arrives as here, for your delectation, is my second offering.


Boring photo but it shows the scale best.


A fresh lilac colour using a shell stitch in baby 4ply yarn.


A delicate picot edging to finish.

A second blanket

I have warned my niece that this baby is going to be well, if not over, supplied with crocheted goods and here’s the second blanket completed.


A rather delicate lilac colour this time so unlike the bright multicoloured first blanket.


I loved the pattern and it was very easy, just two lines to remember.


A picot edging completes the lightweight look and feel.

Baby blanket ta-da

The baby isn’t due for some months yet but I began my crochet efforts the day after I heard the glad news. I love having a crochet project on the go and was wondering what I could do next.Choosing the colours was fun and I went for as many bright ones as our local yarn shop had in stock.


I’ve used 11 colours and a join as you go method from Attic 24 As we don’t know the sex of the baby I thought it was important that it was bright but not gender specific colourings.


Once the baby is born I can always make another blanket in specific colours or designs. I was never a fan of pink things for my Daughter, I always chose bright colours especially oranges and blues.


Puck tookΒ  the opportunity to inspect my work whilst I was blocking it. As they’re hexagons it means you get a more unusual edge to the blanket and I’m not entirely sure I like it.


Dramatic isn’t it. Eight five hexagons of four rounds each with a colour change on each round. Four rounds of edging in different colours. I’ll leave you with one last shot of the edge.




After the last crocheted blanket I wanted to have a go at another one. So, working in red, orange and pink I started with an oval shape but I didn’t like it so I pulled it apart and crocheted a circle instead. But I wasn’t liking that either and I wasn’t sure why until I realised it was all just too bright and I didn’t want to work in these colours. I thought the best thing to do was make two circles for it to become a cushion cover. However I’ve now given up on that and started a new project instead.

The new colours are far more restful and I’m not actually using that many of them either. Relying instead on pale turquoise as the main colour interspersed with calm shades of blue and green. I’m not allowed to put crocheted blankets on our bed (Hubby says they’re too old fashioned) but there’s nothing to stop me having this as a throw for the sofa in the dining room.

As you can see I’ve managed to work in straight lines this time. I confess it’s easier but I’m getting a little bored and once I’ve finished this I’ll be back to circles. The plan for this one is to have a go at a fancy edging as well. A different one on each edge I think. Photos will follow if and when I finish it.:)


Well it’s sort of finished. The crochet is finished but my daughter couldn’t wait for me to block it so it’s now in use on her bed as you can see.

I’m really pleased with the colours and the overall effect but I know it could be better technically. You learn from every item you make and there are things I’d change next time but for now I’m happy. My daughter reckons it’s really cosy as well πŸ™‚