It wasn’t supposed to happen like that

For the last few months I’ve been trying out spinning wheels wherever I went. Not only did I want a smaller wheel than my Ashford Traditional, I wanted to fall in love with how it looked and how it felt. I’ve tried Majacraft, other Ashfords, Louet, Kromski and a home made one. I didn’t fall in love with any of them.

Surfing around the internet I fell in love with the good looks of one which turned out to have poor reviews so I had to keep looking. Then I spotted something a bit different. Love overrode reason and I bought it without trying one. It was out of stock so I had to wait some weeks before I finally got to see it.


One of the biggest surprises is that it’s white! All the others I looked at were various wood shades but I just liked the clean modern look of the Woolmakers Bliss. It was quite easy to put together, takes far less space than my traddie, I still love it’s clean lines and I’m enjoying playing with the ratios.


This version has a single pedal which I actually prefer as it allows me to have my left foot, right foot or both feet  treadling which in turn, allows me to wriggle whilst I spin. The double treadles keeps me too still and I start to seize up. So far I’d give this wheel an 8 out of 10, we’re still working on the love bit!