Bug box

I’ve always been interested in wildlife but now more than ever I want my garden to attract it. I know that owning four cats and attracting wildlife doesn’t always go hand in hand but at least they won’t eat the insects and frogs, the birds will have to be on their guard. So after taking a review of the current planting I’m starting to plan what goes and what stays but also what else can I add that will help. Obviously we have some bird houses up but no bird is daft enough to use them with all our cats about. We have a bug box that we made a couple of years ago not sure if it’s sited right as the only things using it appear to be spiders, or maybe they just ate the residents!

However, I decided that I want more bird boxes (they look so attractive) and more bug boxes. So I set to with a will and a little guidance from Hubby.


Don’t ask me why kneeling on the step seemed the best position to do this, it just did. Can you see my new tree planter in the background? Hubby made it for me when our old terracotta pot split into pieces this winter. Isn’t it smart?


Vertical housing! I don’t know if it would be better horizontal but it looks nice vertical and is sited under a lilac tree right next to where I’ll be planting a blackthorn bush.


The first shelf isn’t quite level but as I used nails rather then screws and it was the last one to be secured I found I couldn’t get the nail out to right it. I don’t suppose the bugs will mind.


Bark, twigs, shells, canes, pebbles and fleece, plenty of places to hide. I hope that it will get used but it gives me great pleasure just to look at it. The wound where I hit my finger with the hammer and split the skin is healing nicely now. 🙂