Stash busting?

Recently I’ve done very well at busting some of my fibre stash, unfortunately as I’ve done quite a bit of spinning with it I’ve increased my yarn stash. At the same time, I’m spinning instead of crocheting so I don’t see my yarn stash been depleted in a hurry.

I’ve been playing with my drop spindle and have been delighted with the way in which this blend of camel and silk has spun on it. It’s spun quite fine ( for me) and so has taken quite a while. I didn’t want any waste so I plied it using this handy method. I haven’t yet learned Andean playing and I didn’t want to use Navajo plying as it would have made a chunkier yarn.


It was quite a light delicate coliur unspun but spinning always deepens the colour. Again, I don’t know how much yardage I’ve got nor any idea how to assess what weight of yarn this is but I do so want to use it.

I’ve washed it and set the twist, I think I might use an invisible method to join the mini skeins together that doesn’t waste any yarn. Then, once the niddy noddy arrives, I can measure the total length and decide what project to undertake. I’m fancying wrist warmer but the patternss IĀ  like most are all knitted and I’m not sure I’m up to the job. A, I’m not great at keeping the tension. B.Some patterns seem awfully complicated and C. Since I’ve had carpal tunnel I find knitting for very long a bit painful. Might still have to do it though so that should be a stress fest šŸ™‚

Although I love the colour of this, beige just isn’t my colour. To dye or not to dye, what do you think?