First Weaving

I’d always been put off weaving by the thought of having to warp up a loom. The whole thing just seemed so time consuming yet despite these niggles I have done a little with children and found myself being drawn to it over and over again. I mentioned this curious desire to my friend Yvonne who just happens to be an accomplished weaver (amongst many other things). Now Yvonne knows me well and knows that I don’t do straight lines – I may have mentioned this before. But then, to my delight, Yvonne informed me there was a way of getting wavy lines into weaving and a good place to start was card weaving.

I confess I’d never heard of this before but it’s exactly as it sounds. You warp up the card, which has serrated edges, and weave on that. It’s very portable and means I’ve been able to have a go at weaving whilst sitting with the rest of the family.

I think I’m quite pleased with it but there are so many mistakes! In my initial enthusiasm I persuaded Yvonne to run a workshop for myself and two friends who’re interested in knowing more and we’ll be doing just that tomorrow. I finished my sample a couple of weeks ago but didn’t get around to weaving in the ends of yarn until last night and that’s when my spirits took a tumble. As I worked on finishing it I realised more and more how imperfect it was and wondered what I was doing. After a good nights sleep I’m in a better frame of mind, can appreciate it as a sample and am now actually quite looking forward to tomorrow.