New crochet project

I haven’t done much crocher for a while, for some reason it seems to be more of an autumn / winter activity for me but now felt the right time to start again. Hawthorntime has inspired me with her heritage blankets. I wanted a project but have no desire to crochet clothing so a large easy project like the heritage balnket seemed a good idea. After picking Hawthorntime’s brains and consulting my daughter (obviously it’s for her) it was decided that it should be in purple, blue and brown.

A favourite colour combination of my daughters. It started off well with a few rows quickly completed but then it came to a halt. I don’t really like straight lines and the older I get the less I like them. I wonder if it’s related to my ability to draw them which seems to have desrted me? Anyway, I wasn’t happy so I unravelled it and started again with circles. The idea is to have one large circle in the centre, sufficiently wide that it will go right across a single bed. The length will be made up with lots more circles of varying sizes which I’ll then crochet onto the main circle.

It’s some distance away from being finished and I am thinking stripes would have been less trouble BUT I do like how it’s going and hope to complete it this year. I just hope she doesn’t change her mind about colours before then.