Guess the character

I don’t think this is going to be a particularly challenging competition, just a few seconds of fun. As part of her Children in Need fundraising efforts, my daughter was involved in a sponsored three legged walk around Ilkley. Having chosen her partner they then needed to decide on what they’d wear. I suggested they go as St.Trinians, how easy would that be to create! It wasn’t what the girls had in mind though and their final decision required  matching cloaks.

Dressmaking is just so not my best skill, I was dreading making them but fortunately for me, good friend Yvonne is a whizz at it and spoon fed me. The hood seemed they key part of the cloak as my daughter wanted it large to look like this. You’ll probably recognise the Scottish Widows advert. Not only did Yvonne explain how to draft the cloak pattern using one of C’s t-shirts she also planned out two hood options.

The option I followed had a paper pattern for the back of the hood and a size written out for the other piece. Yvonne also explained where on the cloak to attach it to ensure it draped correctly. I admit to not drafting the cloak properly as I figured I only had a finite amount of material for 2 and as long as the hood was right the cloak would be fine. It worked for me.

And here is the finished garment on my daughter with the hood pulled too far forward.

I didn’t do it full length as they were in a three legged race and I didn’t want them tripping up.

It could have been fuller but the hood makes a triumph of it.

I felt quite pleased with myself for the rest of the day, it’s just the ticket for Red Riding Hood – told you it was too easy.