New craft idea

New to us anyway. My daughter wanted to do something crafty but didn’t know what and I found inspiration on the internet. After a quick trip to the shops for materials and a raid on the button box we began. We used a hot glue gun to affix the buttons to the crockery.

Putting the buttons down the handle was inspirational and the pearly colour looks lovely against the brown mug.

I’m not entirely sure what my daughter is going to do with this but when I suggested it’d make a nice present or she could put a candle in it I was told in no uncertain terms “it’s for me, I don;t have to have a reason”

Mine is a much more conventional coffee and cream theme and I’m torn between putting cress in it or perhaps brown beach glass. Opinions?

They look really good together and it’s a great way to stash bust your buttons. At last a use for all those shirt buttons I kept.