Crochet and felt

I always said I wasn’t interested in crocheting and fulling in the washing machine yet that is precisely what I’ve been doing!  In the cupboard was some Wensleydale fibre looking a little unloved so I decided to have a go at spinning it on my wheel. It’s such a long fibre, it was more difficult to spin than I’d hoped but I managed it and then crocheted it up into a rectangle.

At the same time I crocheted some swatches using Blue Faced Leicester roving. I tried out single crochet stitches, doubles and trebles. I was curious to see what would happen when fulled in the washing machine.

I popped them into the washing machine with some towels on a 60 degree cycle. It was interesting to see that the sample which shrank the most was the one with the largest loosest stitches, the treble crochet. This is because it had more room to bump and agitate. I was hoping that I could use the Wensleydale piece to make a tablet cover but it shrank too far to be useful. Having completed these experiments though I’ve gone on to create my first crochet and felt handbag.


It’s worked out very well but I thought it should be a little taller so here’s my next attempt. I’m so pleased with this that once I’ve written the pattern up I’ll be offering this for sale as a kit through Adelaide Walker.