Sofa repairs

It’s over the Christmas break that I seem to find time to have a go at something that’s been bugging me for a while. This year it was the sofa which has sustained terrible damage from one of the cats, right down to the wood on both corners.

I patched it up first with some hand made felt to cover the wood and bring the level back up to the same as the rest.

It doesn’t look pretty at this stage but no matter, you won’t see it when I’ve done.

It’s a big improvement isn’t it?Β  Hand crocheted madalas using yarn from my stash and then stitched on.

The sofa is 26 years old but it was only these areas of upholstery which needed attention. I saw the idea on facebook and am so glad I decided to give it a go, such an improvement and I’m thrilled with the result. Interestingly the hardest point was the time sat on the floor stitching them on!


Baby blanket

My friend’s daughter has just had a beautiful baby girl aww! They did know the sex of the baby in advance so I was able to crochet this blanket in the requisite pinks for her.

Not that it has to be pink for a girl but I knew the new Mum would like it to be pink. I think it looks like ice cream colours. Soft pinks, white and soft green.

A deep border and a picot edging finished it off. It’s in acrylic so it can be washed in the machine, always an essential with new babies I find.

One crocheted cushion and slightly sore fingers

Visiting a local charity shop I spotted a cone of wool for only 50p, no matter that it was strong rough rug wool, I had to buy it. It languished in my stash for some months then finally made it onto my crochet hook. After a brief flurry of activity it languished on my crochet hook too. It has finally made it from w.i.p. to finished project – phew, it took way longer than it should have but I’m pretty pleased with the result even if the wool felt somewhat rough against my skin at times.

The pattern was made up as I went along, I knew I wanted texture (when don’t I ?) and decided on a post stitch to create it. It was simple to follow and no counting so very easy to do.

It’s envelope style which doesn’t require buttons to keep it fastened but I love the contrast between hard shiny buttons and soft (well, softish) matt wool so I added buttonholes and buttons.

The buttons have been languishing in my stash for years and years so it was a perfect match with the languishing wool and a relief to finally find a use for them. I also went mad and added my first ever fringe to a cushion. Why haven’t I done this before? I’m partial to a fringe, I enjoyed doing it and I think it looks great and adds to the texture. There may be more fringes in my future πŸ™‚ This cushion is now off to work to adorn one of the chairs we have available for customers to rest their weary bones, all those decisions on which luscious fibre to buy can really wear you out.

Present ta-dah

A couple of weeks ago I gave you a glimpse of my latest w.i.p. and can now fully reveal it. As it was a present I had to wait to reveal it until it had reached it’s destination.


The pale colour is sand, a pale grey and three blues. In July we were on holiday in France when we stayed at the Blue House B&B in Ducey. If you’re ever in the area you have to go. Staying with Nick and Di is like staying with friends, they make you feel so welcome and put their home and garden at your disposal. Plus they have 2 rather cute dogs. Here’s Franc.


In the morning when he was full of beans both ears would be upright. Throughout the day he could be seen with just one ear upright unless he’d just had a nap. Both ears would be down by bed time. He’s only 3 months old in the photo and is growing at the rate of a 1lb per week. So cute. Millie, their older dog, is still wondering when he’ll be leaving although she puts up with his antics very well.

Being the Blue House B&B I obviously needed to make the cushion in blue and as they have pets I made it from acrylic wool so it can be washed in the machine.


The buttons are recycled from my stash. If clothes are worn out I always recover any reusable parts like buttons and zips.


Sunshine bleaches the colour out a bit in photos, they were a little more vibrant than this.


I was very pleased with how it turned out and have it on good authority that it’s been road tested by Franc.

Hats, hats, hats

I’ve never really made hats before but I seem to have been bitten by a bug this winter.


Eighteen hats and two scarves off to charity. I made various sizes, I hope they fit someone.Currently planning a new blanket for my Mum, something colourful I think.

New Year ta-dah

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you’ve had a good break and feel refreshed. I thought I’d start the year by showing you these two cushions. They were finished a couple of months ago but I just hadn’t found the time to photograph them.

Β IMG_6869

It’s actually very strong and chunky, crocheted in a rug wool as this is for my friend and her children will have it on the floor to play on in seconds.


The wooden buttons were made by a local man, they go so well with the natural coloured wool.


This is crocheted using 2 colours of Shetland yarn. Each band of colour represents the change in just one of the two yarns each time which is why these quite bold colours go together so well. Choosing the buttons for my projects is always one of my greatest pleasures.


A close up to finish.


Final baby blanket ta-dah

The baby was born yesterday, a girl. The blanket was finished ages ago but I just haven’t had time to show you.


It worked out well, is very soft and very washable – you know what babies are like. I also had a go at making a baby hat.


The next shot shows the colours better.


I hope it fits. It’s all gone off to it’s new owner now, time for a project for me.

Baby blanket 2

I do hope my niece likes hand made goods for her baby when it arrives as here, for your delectation, is my second offering.


Boring photo but it shows the scale best.


A fresh lilac colour using a shell stitch in baby 4ply yarn.


A delicate picot edging to finish.

A second blanket

I have warned my niece that this baby is going to be well, if not over, supplied with crocheted goods and here’s the second blanket completed.


A rather delicate lilac colour this time so unlike the bright multicoloured first blanket.


I loved the pattern and it was very easy, just two lines to remember.


A picot edging completes the lightweight look and feel.

Baby blanket ta-da

The baby isn’t due for some months yet but I began my crochet efforts the day after I heard the glad news. I love having a crochet project on the go and was wondering what I could do next.Choosing the colours was fun and I went for as many bright ones as our local yarn shop had in stock.


I’ve used 11 colours and a join as you go method from Attic 24 As we don’t know the sex of the baby I thought it was important that it was bright but not gender specific colourings.


Once the baby is born I can always make another blanket in specific colours or designs. I was never a fan of pink things for my Daughter, I always chose bright colours especially oranges and blues.


Puck tookΒ  the opportunity to inspect my work whilst I was blocking it. As they’re hexagons it means you get a more unusual edge to the blanket and I’m not entirely sure I like it.


Dramatic isn’t it. Eight five hexagons of four rounds each with a colour change on each round. Four rounds of edging in different colours. I’ll leave you with one last shot of the edge.