3D Figures

I don’t do a lot of needle felting as it tends to set off my repetitive strain injury which is never helped by the fact that I get obsessional about needle felting. I know it can be done over several days but I always end up needling away for hours because I can’t bear to stop before it’s finished. My latest project is probably my best and I thought I’d share a few examples with you.

The bird shapes are nice to create but I most enjoyed needling the pattern onto the black one – that was fun. I made Neptune ages ago and thought he needed a mate so here’s my new mermaid.

The size isn’t right is it? perhaps I should have looked at Neptune before I began the mermaid but never mind she has a certain charm. Overall I think I’m most pleased with my latest project.

She’s been named the old crone by the family and we think she’s lovely. I couldn’t get the hands as I wanted them so I gave her an apple and a stick to take attention elsewhere. Methinks she needs some company – any ideas? It’s much easier to do features on larger dolls. Can you guess what this doll is based around? – a leftover yarn cone. Good use of materials eh? For anyone fancying a go at a needle felted figure I have a workshop on Saturday 6th November and there are still spaces left.