Crocheted cushion

I think this one looks well enough but I won’t be keeping it as it will be given away. At the flats where my Mum lives a lady runs a regular Thursday coffee morning. For only a £1 each people (they’re all elderly) can have tea or coffee (plus refills) plus cake and a raffle ticket. The lady who runs this does it entirely voluntary, bakes all the cakes, brings pretty tea cloths and vintage china along plus provides all the raffle prizes, many from her own pocket.I think she deserves a little help so this will be my contribution to raffle prizes.


The yarn has been sat in my stash for a long time. I loved the wool and just had to have it then didn’t know what to do with it. The buttons are from my stash, I’ve had them so long I’ve no idea where they came from although, mostly, my  buttons come from worn out clothing.



Another crocheted cushion for you, half treble stitch again but very zesty colours, so much so that I actually had trouble  taking the photos.


The main body colour is a combination of red and pink yarns with green, gold and bright pink stripes.


The same colour stripes, but narrower,  on the back plus a band of purple where the lime green buttons are. It really is very bright but none the less lovely.


A good title for this 100% wool crocheted cushion. It was crocheted in a half treble stitch using two yarns. I kept one yarn in orange running throughout and changed the other at irregular intervals.



You can only see 2 in shot but there are three button closures.So much joy to be had from choosing buttons!


You can see I’ve used a lot of other shades of orange, red, some purple but also mixed yarns with blue and green in.


De-stash cushion

I bought this variegated yarn because it was a bargain. Unfortunately, although I like the individual colours, I’ve really gone off the yarn and wanted a project to use it up.

IMG_4085 (2)

The russett stripe inbetween is very effective and the whole cushion was created using half treble stitch. It has a five button fastening on the back using recycled lemon coloured buttons.



A visiting friend loved it and so it already has a new home with the only downside being that I still have some of the yarn left. Now what?

Crocheted cushion

I’ve been working my way through some lovely 2 ply wool over this last year and wanted to show you my latest offering. Here it is before I made it up, just a long rectangle ready to be made up envelope style.

The colours are created by combining two yarns together and each time there’s a change I change only one yarn, carrying the other forward onto the next section which helps to blend colours.

You’d expect the side with the fastening to be the back but I rather fancy this as the front.

A mixture of purple, brown, green and blue. The sections look quite equal but I can assure you that was entirely coincidence. This is the first time I’ve ever created buttonholes in a piece of crochet so I’m rather pleased with myself at the moment as it seems to have worked okay.

The sage green buttons are from Duttons for Buttons and I love the raised stitch like texture round the edge. I enjoyed making this and it’s so easy playing with colour, no pattern to worry about just as long as you check occasionally that you still have the same number of stitches and then stop when it’s long enough, it couldn’t be simpler.


Cushion two

I know I promised this a couple of days ago but I seem to be stuck in a time warp where the days just speed past in a couple of hours. For this lovely deep purple colour I knew I wanted something serene and friendly to show the positive side of the sun and so this is what I produced.

The title is ‘Warmth of the sun’. It’s much larger than the other cushion being 26″ square with a 28″ cushion pad inside (don’t you just hate those floppy empty corners on cushions?)

The cut edge has been encased in felt and the fastening makes use of an old button. Again, the rug yarn was dyed at the same time as the blanket so is a perfect match.

I loved doing the curly bits on the end of each flame shape. It took a long time as after carding the fibres I needle felted them into position before wet felting. The blankets wouldn’t felt as I wished and you can therefore see through to the cushion pad beyond. I didn’t want any white to show so I made orange covers for each pad before inserting so that it ties in with the colours on the front.

My favourite shot. I had hoped to do some more creative photos but the cushions had to be delivered for the exhibition and the sky was dark with rain so these are the best I managed. Perhaps I’ll get more when the exhibition opens, I’ll let you know.

Cushion One

Ages ago, more than a year, I did a little bit of dyeing. I had a wool blanket which I boil washed 4 times but it wouldn’t felt so I cut it in half and tried again. With more room in the washer I thought perhaps that might help it to felt but all to no avail. However I decided to dye it as I’m sure I’d have a use for it. This gorgeous dyed blanket then sat in the cupboard for so long I thought I’d never get inspiration.

Thank goodness for exhibitions, they make you cast around for materials that can be used with your ideas and work within the theme.The theme is the dying of the sun, lots of use for reds, oranges and yellows. “They’d look perfect on turquoise and purple” I told myself. Judge for yourself.

Needle felted and then wet felted to make it more secure – it is a cushion after all. It’s envelope style which doesn’t always require any other fastening but on this occasion I felt it did. The other benefit of envelope style being it requires only 2 seams and no zips.

You can see I sealed the cut edge of the cushion by enclosing it in wool and wet felting it. The button is hand made from fimo and the yarn is some of the rug yarn which I rescued from a skip and dyed at the same time as the blanket so it’s a perfect match. It’s very simple but I’m pleased with this.

I surprised myself by how easy I found the drawing in needle felting, drawing is something I usually avoid but perhaps I shouldn’t. The title for this one is ‘Risen’. Tomorrow, the purple cushion.


The Olympics

Well I don’t know what the rest of the world made of the opening ceremony but it sure was a mixed bag in my eyes. The rural start was slightly twee but I did understand what it was trying to convey. When it moved on to the industrial age it got a lot more interesting. The chimneys rising into the sky were brilliant and the forging of the rings was fantastic. Celebrating the NHS seems to have been a little controversial but it is a great British success story and it was understandable unlike some of the other elements, thank goodness for BBC explanations.

The cauldron was genius, that and the rings were the highlight for me and that’s where we should have left it. It was bad enough rolling out Paul McCartney for the jubilee but we really shouldn’t have inflicted such a poor performance on the public a second time. Did it convey what being British is about? Well, it was organised and it was certainly  eclectic and eccentric so perhaps it did.

This popped up locally yesterday and I think it’s a great idea. there’s bunting, strings of pom poms and Olympic rings, it’s very eye catching. It’s also interactive.

The medal tally will appear on the tree in the form of medals (in appropriate colours) as the team win them but it’s a nice touch to invite people to leave messages.

The Olympic flame is also represented.

The London tree is a great bit of fun too, I especially like the guard.

I managed to finish my Olympic cushions whilst watching the opening ceremony and these will be posted off to Woolsack tomorrow.

It was strange to look down at my lap and think these will be received by two of the athletes I’ve just seen on TV. I wonder which country they’ll end up in.

Olympic cushion

Have any of you heard of Woolsack? It has a project running to take British wool to the olympics by donating a wool cushion to every athlete that requests one. I’ve considered making one a few times but failed to actually do it – until now.

The whole cushion is made from Blue Faced Leicester wool. Looks real fun laid out. On the reverse I thought I’d write the type of wool and where and when it was given out.

I thought I’d checked all the regulations but it seems I’m not allowed to have the words London 2012 on there. so after obliterating London, here’s the finished item,

I’ve machine stitched the two sides together with a free hand wavy zig zag seam.

This has gone with me to Woolfest, where it’ll be stuffed and stitched up ready to be donated to an athlete. If you fancy getting involved there’s still time and the next big stuffing event is at Fibre East.

And another one!

One cushion just wasn’t enough so I made it a companion which is equally delightful.

Even this wasn’t enough so I went on to make another one for my work room. The chair in there is quite hard and after a while I tend to get a numb derriere

Pink, purple and blue on one side, pink, purple and orange on the other side.

I am really loving this side. the stitching is whip stitch again but in pink.