Feeling blue

No, I’m not down but I do seem to have done quite a lot of work in blue recently not least of which is the cushion below. It’s a wonderful mix of warm and cold blues onto a white background.

I’ve incorporated wool roving, turquoise Teeswater curls, bits of crystal organza and turquoise and white silk fibres.

After felting I’ve also added some areas of stitch using a loose french knot in: ice blue, teal, navy turquoise and sea green. It’s an envelope style cushion and the back is plain white.

My fibre of choice? Blue Faced Leicester of course!

Didn’t quite work out

I decided to make an all in one envelope cushion in Blue Faced Leicester fibres and set to with a will. I began by making pre-felts in 5 different colours and influenced by folk art was thinking of stylised trees and flowers.

As you can see, the laying out went well. The background was worked to pre-felt stage and my trees and flowers laid out.

I was very happy with it at this stage and it looks quite fine. As it’s a cushion it needs to be well felted and I knew that pre-felts can sometimes appear to ‘bleed’ so I was working with quite firm pre-felts. Even so, it’s really not a good finish.

The white has really come up through the colours as expected but hasn’t given me quite such a pastel finish as I’d hoped for. What really ruins it for me is the ‘bleeding’ on the black pre-felt so this is now destined to be a sample. It did lead me to further experimentation with pre-felts and I can push them much further than I’d thought and still successfully felt them together. We live and learn.