Christmas decorations

My favourite part of Christmas is the tree and my favourite family tradition is the expedition to a local farm to choose it. For some reason it’s always wet on these expeditions. Down a steep road we go to the farm, don our wellies and squelch our way into the fields.


Charlotte loves to do the harvesting now she’s older, with a little help from her Dad who keeps the branches out of the way. My job is to help choose the tree and stand there getting wet and taking pictures of the mud.



It rained the whole time! Once we have the trees secure in buckets of water and stones it’s on with the lights and the baubles.


I adore the baubles all of which have been collected from many places over the last 35 years. A few of the baubles are older than me and were bought, by my parents, for my older brother’s first Christmas. I’ve grown up with these baubles and could never bear to let them go.


Our rose bush provided the branches for this cute little bauble tree. Strangely, I got other decorations out this year and have put them away again as it made the house feel too cluttered. Perhaps it’s because the house was overrun by work stuff for the last month that I need some space now. Our door sports the wreath which I made at least three years ago and the only other thing I intend to do is make an arrangement for the mantelpiece this Saturday.