Decoupage and glitter

Not knowing what to do with herself on a wet and windy afternoon, my daughter decided to take a proper look at the box she’d received from Grandma for her birthday. An earlier look had ascertained it was full of all kinds of things to make cards. As she looked more carefully through the box my daughter became quite excited and enthused, Grandma had thought of everything! Coloured card, background papers, decoupage, stickers, glue, sparkles, scissors and paper flowers.

It wasn’t long before the table was littered with all the bits and one teenager was quietly absorbed in card making.With the festive season on the horizon she began with cards for Christmas.

Cutting out all those little twiddly bits for the decoupage would drive me nuts but my daughter has actively enjoyed it and produced some lovely cards. I wonder which one is for me? I kept her company and thought perhaps I should make some too so I got out the glue and glitter.

They’re very imprecise designs and my favourites are the curly ones. The one with the strange sheep was supposed to be something else but it went wrong and a sheep was all I could think of to change it into. I’ve ideas for more cards that don’t include glitter. My daughter meanwhile has shown her cards to Grandma and received even more crafty bits – she was thrilled to bits and I’m looking forward to seeing the next batch.