Little Devon Pot

I love having new fibres to play with, I’m trying quite hard to work with every British breed, if I can get my hands on it. These Devon fibres came my way three weeks ago and I was instantly struck by the lovely rich cream colour. It has a long staple and a wool count of 48-53. It has a tendency to move around a little during wet and set stage so just be a little more gentle and patient at this time. The result is beautiful.

I formed this one around a mould and it was destined to be a stand alone felt pot – the felt is sufficiently sturdy. However, when I stood back and looked again I really liked it with the vase left in.

Not sure that it looks so good on camera so you’ll just have to trust me when I say they seem right together and will stay that way. The surface is decorated with milk protein fibre which I’ll be using a lot more of as I think it has a lovely rich colour and lustre.  Obviously this can be used for fresh flowers but I also wanted to show it to you with a candle in so you can see how different it looks when lit up.